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REC: Kingdom Hearts 2 - Vagabonds
[KH2] Tranquil [mine]
rikugou wrote in sanpun
First rec on this journal! Yay!

by Kesiala
Sora/Riku, mentions of past Sora/Kairi

Post-KH2 so beware of the occasional spoiler. I'm absolutely esctatic I managed to find this fic. There really aren't enough good KH fics written in character enough for me to bother with. But this? It's perfect. No Kairi-bashing either! It's written in alternating POVs, Riku-Sora-Kairi. The trio of friends go world-hopping being dragged along by Sora who is happy he could finally show them the worlds he visited. However, it seems the Darkness is getting restless and the two Keyblade Masters will have to defend the worlds once again.

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