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[REC] Final Fantasy 7/8 - Imperfect Tense
[KKM] Save me!! [mine]
Imperfect Tense
by Hades' Phoenix
Sephiroth/Cloud, Seifer/Squall

I'm like a huge Final Fantasy 7 fan. I hate FF8, but I like reading fics in the fandom. I started reading the author's Harry Potter fics before I bumped into this other fic of hers. Something about this fic just appeals to me. The plot grips my interest enough that I don't mind the slightly slow chapters. Author's Summary: Jenova has returned in the power of the Sorceresses, and two saviors from very different times will be drawn together to fight the new threat and their own demons.

[REC] Supernatural - Desperately In Need Of A Hobby
[House] Music [mine]
Desperately In Need Of A Hobby
by apocalypsos

[referred to by tomomichi] This is just hillarious right now because so many people are doing Nanowrimo. Short and funny. Author Summary: It's after the hunt in Montana when Dean starts acting really fucking weird.

[REC] Kyou Kara Maou - Naive
[KH] Searching [mine]
by y_c_reverse

I don't really read all that much KKM because the majority of the pairings seem to be Yuuri/Wolfram, which I'm not really a fan of. I don't mind it, but I don't really like Wolfram so I tend to avoid the KKM fandom altogether. Conrad/Yuuri, however, is my favorite pairing and I never seem to find a fic I like enough to rec. Conrad's discovery of his feelings for Yuuri and his subsequently quiet panic at trying to resolve them by trying to ignore them altogether is mildly amusing. After all, a panicking Conrad [panicking about things that don't involve life or death that is] is a very amusing Conrad.

REC: Trinity Blood - Alef
[KH2] Tranquil [mine]
by tong
gen-ish, Abel and Tres

There needs to be more Trinity Blood fic like this. Short and cute interaction between Abel and Tres.

REC: Kingdom Hearts 2 - Vagabonds
[KH2] Tranquil [mine]
First rec on this journal! Yay!

by Kesiala
Sora/Riku, mentions of past Sora/Kairi

Post-KH2 so beware of the occasional spoiler. I'm absolutely esctatic I managed to find this fic. There really aren't enough good KH fics written in character enough for me to bother with. But this? It's perfect. No Kairi-bashing either! It's written in alternating POVs, Riku-Sora-Kairi. The trio of friends go world-hopping being dragged along by Sora who is happy he could finally show them the worlds he visited. However, it seems the Darkness is getting restless and the two Keyblade Masters will have to defend the worlds once again.

[EG] Bliss [mine]
Welcome to the LJ form of Journey. This is rikugou speaking. I've been lazy in updating the site so I decided that it would be a good idea for me to make a journal where I could easily archive fic recs. Sooner or later, they'll end up on the site but for now, this is easier. I'll make sure to put a tag on everything for convenience's sake.

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